John is now retired from beekeeping and we are dedicating Beeswax from Beekeepers site to be a list of working beekeepers who have beeswax to sell.

We will not do any direct selling from our site (except for the little wax we have left on our bulk beeswax page).

To begin with each beekeeper will be listed with contact information and description of their wax.  Go to our Beekeeper Page to find the beeswax you are looking for.

Beeswax From Beekeepers

We started out selling our own beeswax online 15+ years ago when John had 650 hives.  As demand outgrew our supply we added beeswax from another beekeeper.


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Would like to thank all of my loyal customers from the past 15 years and encourage you to view my list of other beekeepers who can provide you with your needed beeswax.

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